Tuesday, March 31, 2020 :: COVID-19 Virus Illustration (Centers for Disease Control)
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    Hospitals seem to be mixed, in terms of how well-prepared they are for COVID-19. If you want to donate to hospitals that are struggling, I've started to compile some resources here. (Skip to: New York City Hospitals, New Jersey Hospitals)

    Hopefully, you have seen this interactive map, developed by Johns Hopkins University. It's staggering to think about how quickly the virus is spreading.

    Click here to view the full Johns Hopkins University Map.

    Also, this video from the New York Times helped me to awaken to the fact that New York City has been hit the worst with new cases of COVID-19. They are running low on supplies and need help.

    The video focuses on nurses and staff who work at Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, New York. I contacted their Public Relations representative about a micro-donation of a few respirators and filters I had. As an artist, I have respirators and some breathing safety equipment that currently would be better utilized by someone that more urgently needs them. However, I quickly realized that medical staff personnel and their support teams have very specific needs. Making sure they can get what they need can be a somewhat specialized process.

    I also realized that Elmhurst and possibly other hospitals could handle micro-donations via online financial transactions. This is great news. What follows is some information you can use to help out. As I find out more about other hospitals, their needs, and donation centers, I will post them here.

    New York City

    NYC Health + Hospitals | Elmhurst

    Elmhurst Hospital is located in Queens, New York City. They are getting hammered with COVID-19 patients. The Elmhurst Auxiliary is equipped to accept micro-donations in any amount you choose. They are also able to accept repeat and single donations.

    Elmhurst: Make a Donation

    Donating Supplies

    If you can donate equipment such as respirators, breathing machines, or other supplies, Elmhurst suggests that you use their equipment/supplies donation form. Download it, fill it out and email it to their auxiliary and they will reply to you with a shipping address. Click here to download the form for equipment donations.

    Brookdale University Hospital ER

    Brookdale University Hospital is located in East Brooklyn, New York. I was not able to identify official funding, nonprofit, or donations centers for Brookdale University Hospital ER. For information about making donations, email info@bhmcny.org. The ER staff is running a GoFundMe campaign, and (at this time) they seem close to their goal.

    BHMCNY ER Team: Go Fund Me

    Bergen County, New Jersey

    Holy Name Medical Center

    Holy Name Medical Center is located in Bergen County New Jersey. This area of NJ, is experiencing a huge need for donations and supplies as well. It's cited as an epicenter for covid-19 activity. This hospital is accepting single and recurring donations.

    Holy Name Medical Center: Donations

    If you know of a hospital, municipality, or city that should be listed here, please contact me. I will update when I can. Please try to find out information such as the hospital's donation center information, a donation portal, their location information, and URLs. Find out some actionable information and get in touch via my contact page.


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