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    Thursday, October 10, 2013 :: Type design sketches and montage elements.


    I will develop these designs for printing on t-shirts and they usually emerge from a perspective of social concern. This design is a recent one, featuring probably the most widely known and hostile public homophobe in the world, Vladimir Putin.

    I rarely make any money from these things. If anything, I break even. Furthermore, if the economics of this operation of developing a design, purchasing a product and so on are centered around a social concern, the process impacts whatever social concern through this kind of dialectical materialism on a merely symbolic level. So the logical next step would be to donate any proceeds to various organizations that are actually working to make people's lives better.

    With this design, I'm hoping I might be able to find a good organization to give to. I've never done anything like a kickstarter or a crowdfunding project before, so I will have to do some research on that. If you know of a reputable LGBT rights organization, let me know!

    The economics break down like this. When I do a t-shirt design, I usually add $2 per t-shirt for each design. The t-shirts themselves are a charge of roughly $17. That makes $19. The $17 goes to my vendor for production costs and the $2 goes to me for design, set-up and then being distracted by other projects. Then every once in a blue moon, somebody buys something. So, if I were to make these designs a charitable crowdfunding deal, someone would buy a shirt for roughly $22, I would charge maybe $4 per design. My vendor would take $18 for production. They would hold on to the $4 until a critical mass is reached. When that critical mass is reached they would send me a check which I would donate to organization X for the entire amount $4 per unit.

    I'm getting close to a finished design. The typography isn't gay enough, but Mr. Putin sure is. There are also some type design iterations.


    information - also worth your time

    2013-09-18 type design "is" needs a little work. Also, some .orgs from the west coast came to light!

    2013.10.10 - Latest image shows mapping some rough vectors for the title's typographic elements. This is where it gets rather pesky. Typography goes so wrong so quickly. Anyone that tells you they are a great type designer is full of shit. There is always something wrong. Great type designers that I've heard of, usually refer to other typographers as being great typographers. Type is rather impossible. Which might explain why I'm taking so long on this design. But the preliminary drawings for the type went through many iterations to get to this point. Now that I think I am at the "production" stage and assembling where the paths go, everything looks like Poopin.

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