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  • Long Lost Friend - acoustic guitar compositions

  • From Album Notes: Thematically, the “Long Lost Friend” also refers to a book of spells, which was the centerpiece of a famous murder trial that took place in my hometown in the early 30’s. The book of spells was symptomatic of a culture of superstition and faith healing. Many of my own friends emerged from a culture where people continue to be gripped by superstitions, addictions, belief in hallucinations and so on. Some of these friends have to be now counted as long lost friends, partially due to these cultural attributes. My work tends to focus on the need to let go of our attachment to the “Long Lost Friend”, whether it’s an obsession with a book of spells, adherence to religious dogma, drug addiction, affiliation with a political party or a culture of animal testing/abuse and to focus on the present moment.