Artist Statement


    I am interested in creating artworks that persuade the viewer to interact, participate, and explore. My artworks are often like children's toys, synthesizing kinetic sculpture, music, painting, lighting effects, and cinematic qualities. I want to create a link to the psyche by addressing the complex nature of how we experience the world.

    I learned early in life that art could be a way to connect with people. Chronic health issues placed limits on my social interactions with peers. So, I spent a lot of time by myself, making masks, caricatures, music, prosthetic makeups, and computer graphics programs. The artifacts I produced became a means by which I could entertain people. As a result, my work now evokes a sense of tragicomic absurdity or triggers a process of discovery.

    Intrigued by the mysteries of the natural world and psychology, I incorporate ideas from fields associated with their study. Mechanical engineering, geometry, and UI/UX design play vital roles in the development of kinetic sculptures. My interest in Synesthesia and physics informs my sense of abstraction and the orchestration of works that include movement, sound, music, and visuals. The idea in architecture known as "Ephemeralization" (Fuller), mirrors the inventiveness of the biological world and, when applied to art-making, yields the ability to do more with fewer materials.

    I have a range of areas I might be exploring at any given time, which can make my art practice chaotic or experimental. But the result is that I want to create an experience that is like an emotional tuning fork. I want someone to feel energized by experiencing the work. Art making is playful. When someone interacts with a work of art, they can awaken to the present moment, and they can share in that playfulness.


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