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    Witch MakeupWitch Makeup
    Witch MakeupWitch MakeupWitch MakeupWitch MakeupWitch MakeupWitch Makeup

    Thursday, August 1, 2013 :: Some shots of revised makeup sculpture


    The images here are sculptures for a witch prosthetic. It's being repurposed for use in a video installation piece. Here also are some shots of details and textures on this makeup. It has since been sectioned, and molds have been made. I had to shelf this one to focus on some other things lately. But I'll pick it up again soon. It's ready to have pieces cast for a test application, though.

    This design has a skinned-over right eye (she doesn't need it anyway), a big honkin' schnoz, and a generous heaping of warts.

    It's been sitting around as I am figuring out what to do with the "witch" concept as a symbol or metaphor. American history is loaded with great examples that prove, embarrassingly, that our adherence to patriarchal constructs is a cowering from feminine power and wisdom. Women are labeled as witches (bitches) and are burned alive or hanged if they don't follow precise rules. They are "permitted" to have jobs but are only paid for them as if they are 70% of a "real" employee. They have the power to create new human beings, although pregnancy seems to be thought of as an "illness" in most American HR departments.

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