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    Long Lost Friend
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    Tuesday, October 7, 2014 :: Long Lost Friend - Album Graphics


    My new recording is called "Long Lost Friend." It's a collection of music from different artworks included in various exhibitions over the past few years. My work is centered around bringing a person who is a participant or a listener or a viewer into the mindset of connectivity. I make art that is physically interactive, psychologically Interactive.


    The first song on the recording is called 3 Bridges. It is a musical reminiscence of Ljubljana (Slovenija, Slovenia). The Girl from Ipanema is a famous jazz tune from the 60’s. Undulations is a synesthesia piece: the animated visual elements blend with the music. Test subject was a theme that was incorporated into a sculpture. It's borrowed from a theme I developed a long time ago, but I did an acoustic version of it for an exhibition at Fe Gallery. Fenestrated Sequence was a piece that dealt with surveillance (panopticon). It's an interactive piece where you can observe yourself watching yourself while the sculpture watches you watching yourself. It's a psychological loop.

    Thematically, the "Long Lost Friend" refers to a book of spells, which was the centerpiece of a famous murder trial that took place in my hometown (York, PA) in the early '30s. This book of spells emerged from a culture of superstition and faith healing. The "Long Lost Friend" could be seen as an "opiate of the masses," much like an addiction to anything that enables one to avoid dealing with reality face to face. The opiate could come in the form of religious dogma, drug addiction, politics, or celebrity worship, and the list could go on.

    My objective as an artist is to help connect someone to the present and expand their capacity to care about the universe we inhabit. It's this connection to the present moment that causes someone to become more mindful and aware. That's what I feel the artistic experience is all about.


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